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Question...Do Any of These Sound Familiar? 

I have never really followed an exercise plan, I really don't have any exercise experience, I think I need support and I think I need to start slowly and work my way up so I don't get overwhelmed.....

I have joined regular gyms and never really seen results...I did go around 2-3 times per week mainly using the treadmill and just got bored....

I am a regular exerciser and train 4-6 times per week and I love it! I have played team sports in the past and loved it! I'm looking to add some different workouts to my routine and add some intensity to my training

I have just had a baby, been injured or away on holidays and I'm now ready to start making exercise a priority!

If You Answered YES to any of the above questions, I'd love to HELP
Hi There!

My Name is Belinda Carusi and I've been a Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, specialising in Women's Body Transformations, for the past 8 years!

And I think I know what your after!

You want to lose that extra weight, you want to tone up and get back to where you used to be. 

You want to feel confident in your body and to look sex NAKED! Haha
How Do I Know This? 
Simple, I'm a Women and I know that While We Are Complicated with SO MUCH happening in our lives, deep down we all want the same things. 

And Guess What....I've been there too! I've been in that position myself! BUT I found a solution! 

I would love to share with you exactly why I created Belinda Carusi Online and exactly how I believe this system is going to help you to, just as it has helped SO MANY Women, live in their BEST BODY EVER!
Working in a big commercial gym I used to be able to help Women get amazing results! Problem was not everyone could afford Personal Training ($70+ sessions). I knew I had to reach more Women! 

With that being said. This now puts me in the pretty amazing position to be able to do something special for YOU!

Let me share with YOU the EXACT program I used to FINALLY step into their BEST BODY, the BODY they had dreamed of for so long!
Introducing the Belinda Carusi Online 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge
ACCESS TO: 12 Week Body Transformation Workout Plan
A comprehensive 12 Week Workout Plan that is designed to support and teach you how to exercise safely and effectively over 12 Weeks. Split into  three 4 week plans, exercises and workouts intensify as you get fitter, stronger and more consistent!
You Also Get Access To: 12 Week Body Transformation Meal 
A comprehensive 12 Week Meal Plan that has been designed for the needs of Women. Split into three 4 week meal plans, the Belinda Carusi Body Transformation Meal Plan has been created to make Nutrition a lifestyle. 

All meals come with easy to follow recipes, shopping lists and serving sizes. All meals have been designed to be both nutritious but also tasty. Healthy doesn't have to be boring, with all meals designed so your family (Kid and Husband Friendly) can enjoy them too! 
And Access To This Extra Cool Bonus: Belinda Carusi Online Fitness Education 
The idea behind the 12 Week Challenge is to leave you after you finish up better prepared and confident that you can do it yourself. Nutrition, fitness and mindset education and resources are therefore a staple of each week of the challenge.

Each fact sheet, resource and video is a response to a question that I've received over the past 8 years! Always being added to, this is a core part of your Challenge.
Need Support? Here's How We Keep You On Track
Accountability Charts
We know that doing the simple things consistently get's results and that's why have created accountability charts that you can tick off, day-by-day, week-by-week.

I know that as a Woman, ticking off tasks and seeing my consistently every day can be powerful. 
Private Facebook Group
For members of my Program Only, my 12 Week Challenge Private Facebook group is a great opportunity for us to interact and share tips, tricks and recipes! 

Let me know how you're going with your workouts, meal planning and share your wins to motivate others! 
But How Does it Work? 
Belinda Carusi Online is personalised portal that is accessible and compatible on all devices. Check out the sneak peak below and see how you can navigate the program. 
Like What You See? I Guarantee You the Next 12 Weeks will be Your BEST EVER!
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See Some of the Amazing Results WOMEN have achieved using my Workouts! 
So What are RESULTS...I mean the RESULTS you've spent hours on the Treadmill Trying to Achieve Worth to YOU?
Example: Training with an average Personal Trainer will cost you between $50-80 per session. We know that one session per week isn't enough so you're probably going to do a minimum of 2x sessions. 

Over 12 Weeks, training 2x times only per week that could cost you anywhere between $1200-1920! 

You could do the usual group fitness classes, however we know that you've tried those and can remember each and every routine by heart. 

But let's be honest, we've tried all of that. Why do something you know doesn't work! 

So with that in mind, TODAY you can get a copy of my 12 Week Program, that you can do anywhere at any time for only $67! That's only $0.79c per day! 

That's less than 1x Personal Training Session! 

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Grab Your Copy of the Belinda Carusi Online 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge for ONLY $67 TODAY LIMITED TIME
P.S. If you've skimmed to see what the offer was.. for just $67 you're getting (Only $0.79c per day) the EXACT program I've used and got amazing RESULTS with thousands of Women!
Frequently Asked Questions:
What if I'm a Beginner?
All the workouts are accompanied by in depth explanations. This ensures you're doing the right thing, but also making sure your technique is spot on. 
Can I Do The Workout Program at Home or Do I Need To Go To The Gym? 
My workout program is designed for anytime, anywhere. The idea is to book a time in your busy schedule, throw on your workout gear and smash out your workout. 
Does it Come With A Meal Plan?
The Workout Plan is part of my wider 12 Week Body Transformation Program which includes a comprehensive meal plan, nutrition education, mindset education and of course, all the things included in your workout plan. It's a must for results.  
What If I Don't Have Much Time? 
The idea is to initially build up your fitness and strength, whilst also getting you used to the feeling of working out regularly.  This means, we start with shorter, easy to fit-in workouts, with more advanced sessions as you pogress and realise that you want to make more time. 
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